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How to NOT swing a kettlebell

This is a post by our guest author Peter Luffman, Personal trainer and strength coach in Bristol. I see a…

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Sling training – Swiss Made

Philosophy Functional training is the practice related form of strength training. While doing that, both functions „stabilization“ (position) and mobilization…

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Ever wanted to lose fat?

I really wonder. Well, you know, from my practice as a personal coach (which doesn’t have anything to do with…

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Swing it, Baby!

Hi all, This is the very first IronCore kettlebell practice. You’ll find out over the weeks to come that I…

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The mighty four

This little combo is fab for an extended duration at medium aerobic capacity.

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Greetings from the catacombs

Today, I combined heavy with light. Chose weight appropriate to your needs. The swings in sequence 1 are heavy, so…

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DragonDoor RKC Military Grade Kettlebell 44kg

The 44kg kettlebell brings another level of nastiness to those who insist on staying at the top of the heap.


DragonDoor RKC Military Grade Kettlebell 48kg

You can use THE BEAST to perform many of the classic kettlebell strength and conditioning methods—but with far greater intensity!


DragonDoor RKC Military Grade Kettlebell 40kg

THE BULLDOG is tenacious—it won’t let go until every muscle in your body is pure steel.


DragonDoor RKC Military Grade Kettlebell 36kg

Dragon Door has designed this 36kg cast iron kettlebell—for those men wishing to develop severe overall strength.